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Great Church Growth Begins With Great Church Health.

Welcome to Abiding Health

Does this describe your church?

  • Attendance has plateaued or declined.
  • Planned giving and/or offerings are declining.
  • Persons attending do not return or join the church.
  • There is conflict within the church, specifically between pastoral leadership and lay leadership or between groups of attenders.  

Don't feel alone, the majority of churches across the country experience some level of all of these issues. It is the nature of ministry. In fact many times a seemingly health church has issues they just haven't discovered yet. Moreover, church pastors, leaders and members are often to close and familiar with their church's culture to really see what is going on in their own congregation. 

Ben Franklin once said "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This is extremely true in the church. Most churches are busy with day to day ministry and then one day they realize somewhere they went down a steep downgrade. The best time to contact us is before your church starts having trouble. Preventive maintenance is always better than emergency care.  

 Abiding Health Consulting is concerned with equipping the local church to maintain a quantity of healthy in which they thrive in ministry. Our mission is to help churches establish benchmarks in order to see where their ministry is today so they can make plans for the future.

 Charles Beeghley - Church Consultant 

We believe that church growth is the by-product of great church health, and at the core is our abiding faith in Jesus Christ.